Saturday, January 24, 2015

Couples Massage: Not the Honeymoon Experience it is intended to be

Sometimes spas offer Couples Massage on their menus. This is a service for couples who'd like to receive their massages together at the same time in the same room. This entails two massage tables and two massage therapists working side by side simultaneously. This might sound like a cozy idea, but quite frankly, it's not. Most massage therapists do not enjoy working this way. Often the rooms are cramped and they worry about getting in each other's way. On rare occasions, it works, if they have ample space and they adapt to each other's routines. But they loose the opportunity to connect one on one with their client, making the time they invest with them less worthy. If you book two massage appointments at the same time, I'd ask for separate rooms. The massage therapist will be more accomodating and you'll both have a better experience. 

My thoughts on Four Handed Massage: This is another service you might find in some of the pricier hotels and spas. This entails two massage therapists working on one client at the same time. The massage therapists coordinate a routine by dividing up your body; either the left and right side or above and below the waist. Often, the two massage therapists chosen to perform this service have never worked together before; they are usually winging it. Again, on rare occasions it works, if both massage therapists share similar styles. But it can be an awkward experience for the client and them alike.