Monday, January 26, 2015

Defining Sensual Massage: My Take On It

Sensuality is an integral part of every massage session. It validates who we are as sensual beings. Sensual Massage celebrates your sensuality whereas Therapeutic Massage is more clinical and for healing.

Sensual Massage is often confused with Erotic Massage which is about the expectation of receiving stimulation to sexually excite. Rather, the intent of a Sensual Massage is

to make the experience more sublime, soothing and pleasurable.

The person giving a Sensual Massage is a caring provider, a teacher, an educator. Touch is in one direction only, from practitioner to the client for the purpose of promoting euphoria and heightening sensual awareness. The movements are generally slower with longer fluid strokes that gently caress the body. There are fewer restrictions, sheet draping is optional, but personal boundaries are always respected. Sensual Massage isn't for everyone. It is a choice and it must be mutually consented by the therapist and the receiver. My goal is to create the ultimate blissful experience for you, awakening your sensual side and make you feel more relaxed and comfortable with it.

Rarely do we have someone teach us how to receive intimate touch in a non-sexual way. This beautiful work honors you as an extraordinary being capable of profound sensations, helping you discover what makes you feel good, thus enabling you to have a more meaningful relationship with a loved one. Sensual Massage can also ease the fear of intimacy. 

Everyone wants to feel loved, wanted and desired. They may receive a Sensual Massage as a form of affection; the kind they do not have in their lives. Sensual Massage comes without judgment or expectations. I have worked on many different types of clients with different types of needs - those that are grieving, the elderly, the sick and even the dying which seem to be excluded when you speak of the work. There is definitely a need for this emotionally fulfilling kind of work and the sacred space it creates while performing it. It deserves much respect and it shouldn't be misconstrued.