Thursday, January 29, 2015

What To Expect During A Full Body Massage Session

Your massage therapist will confer with you before they begin your session. This may involve having you sign an intake form with questions about your medical history and/or health concerns. You’ll then be invited to lie down on a massage table in a private room, usually face down to start. Most massages are done in the nude, but it is okay to leave your undergarments on if it makes you feel more comfortable. Professional spas and private practice therapists advocate secure draping standards; you'll be covered with a sheet and they the only body part that is exposed is the one they are working on. It is up to you to decide on a full body or partial body massage. You also have a choice of being massaged with oil or lotion. I prefer lightly scented oils that seep into the skin and moisturize it, rather than lotions that tend to leave a sticky residue. (Please read more about aromatherapy in another one of my postings.) Candle light and soothing music will accompany your session. I take much pride in a vast selection of music I have collected through the years - Holistic, Classical, Contemporary; anything that sets a relaxing mood and makes your experience more enjoyable for you. Sessions usually run 60 minutes or 90 minutes and are priced accordingly. I also offer 30 minutes for first timers and it is more affordable. Conversation with your therapist during your session is your choice, although refraining from speaking and/or napping is acceptable too.